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Tundrasails Kayak Sail Systems

Pacific Action Sails

New mounting kits available now
 New mounting hardware kits are now available and I have some on order.  The kit alows you to rig a second boat so that you can switch your rig by just undoing the strap,quick and easy.
Should you be intersted in the sails ,please contact me with questions and for prices. You can reach me at or 867 444 3007 but e-mail is best. I am also on Skype my name being cominco2.

New models available
There is a new model sail available and it is known as the High Visibility sail. Instead of the usual style there is a band of coloured nylon at the top of the sail and the rest is see through clear plastic.
Hoping to have pictures posted shortly. Looks good and you get a great view of where your heading.
Check the picture below and imagine just the red nylon strip on top and evey thing below in clear plastic. and that is what the High Vis sail would look like.  Cheers, Greg

Dave in action with the PA_S110.2 sail. sailing
on Prelude Lake, NWT, Canada

Sails for canoes and kayaks of all shapes an sizes. The PA sails come in 3 sizes and will fit any make or model boat you are paddling.  From hardshell to folder The PA handles them all very well.
New pictures coming in the next couiple of days of the new product line.

ary the designer of the PA sail enjoying the fruit
of his labours on Auckland Harbour, New Zealand

PA_S110.1 blue/yellow/clear/blue

-PA_S110.2 red/yellow/clear/red

- PA_SI10.3 purple/yellow/clear/purple

- PA_SI10.4 green/yellow/clear/green

Model PA_SO10 (1 sqm sail for Sit-on-Top kayaks) weight = 1.5kg


- PA_SO10.1 blue/yellow/clear/blue

- PA_SO10.2 red/yellow/clear/red

- PA_SO10.3 purple/yellow/clear/purple

- PA_SO10.4 green/yellow/clear/green

Model PA_MI15 (1.5 sqm sail for large single sea kayaks) weight = 1.8kg 


- PA_MI15.1 blue/yellow/blue/clear

- PA_MI15.2 red/yellow/red/clear

- PA_MI15.3 red/white/blue/clear

Model PA_MO15 (1.5 sqm sail for large single sit-on-top kayaks & canoes) weight = 1.8k 


- PA_MO15.1 blue/yellow/blue/clear

- PA_MO15.2 red/yellow/red/clear

- PA_MO15.3 red/white/blue/clear

Model PA_LI22 (2.2 sqm recommended for double kayaks) weight = 2 kg 


- PA_LI22.1 red/yellow/blue/clear

Model PA_LO22 (2.2 sqm for double sit-on-top kayaks & canoes) weight = 2 kg options:

-          PA_LO22.1 red/yellow/blue/clear



The sail arrived yesterday. Very well packed.I am very pleased with your excellent service and follow up.
I will install when the weather improves and let you know how  it all went together.
Thank you very much
Charles L. Mackenzie

Tundrasailors enjoying the East Arm, Great Slave
Lake NWT, Thanks Jennifer great shot.

Please use the link below to view my video clip of myself sailng a PA-110 on my Seayak "Sploosh." The video is in "Quicktime" format and 9mgs so it takes a minute or so to load. Should you be on dail- up it takes very long tme to load but I could only shorten so far .

Pa_s110 sail heading north
somewhere between YK and Coppermine, NWT

Tundrasail in action, please click for video

The PA sail furled on deck waiting for me
This was for the North Arm trip in 2007

Tundrasailors are covering North America
We have quite a little fleet developing, but I don't have pictures from everyone, as some folks like their privacy and here's to them. Above is Jim and his Loon and we have a double Loon that is joining the fleet as I type. James should be sailing this weekend with his double T160 Loon down in Georgia. Jim has added lee boards to this rig which will allow windward capabilities and boost his confidence in a good reach. There are pictures of his rig on the "Tundrasailor's Fleet" page and I will soon be adding pictures of James In action as well.  I will add the details of how these clever folks have adapted the rig to suit their needs, which may also help you in mounting yours. Greg

John Alsops rig in Ontario, John likes these sails
(PA_LI22.1), in fact he has bought two

I've been sailing this rig for only a few weeks and find it works great. The sail has a large range and I've found the rig to be stable in all conditions. After a few sessions we're very comfortable together and now I'm looking forward to the summer season plying the waters of Great Slave Lake

Hi Greg:

Just came back from 2 weeks in BC and used the sail as much as possible.  We got up to 11.2 Km/hr!  A bit scary when the wind gusts though!  Need a better mount, so will try and get a better install when I get a new boat.  Thanks so much for all your help and TLC!

Not bad this with the 2.2metre canoe sail. (model PA_LO22)


Sent the money order today by snail mail, I hope it makes it in time.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I hope our trails cross again soon!
Tim McGuire

The Pacific Action sail is a very versitile rig, and will sail in any wind except into the wind. Most kayaks and canoes do not have the keel or lee boards needed to sail to windward. With the wind from your side or back and you are in for some fun. The sails are very easy to mount come with very good and detailed directions. I mounted my first one by just taping it to the deck of my kayak, I took it for a trial spin and was pleased, returned to shore and mounted the sail permenatly. The sail has been used now for six complete seasons and is still in excellent shape and running well. It is showing some wear and tear but nothing that affects the functioninig of the sail.

Pacific Action sails come complete and ready to mount in 3 sizes, 1.1meter , 1,5 meter and a 2. 2 meter sail. The sails are very quick to install, easily sailed and  most importantly heaps of fun to sail. I have been runnning mine over five years now and it is in great shape still, looking forward to sailing her again this summer.
Please contact greg and let him get you started in sailing your favourite kayak or canoe. The sails may be used on any type of vessel from dinghys, skiffs and inflatables .

Message from Greg
Folks thanks for stopping and dropping your anchor for a while, always a pleasure to see you here. Enjoy your stay and drop back anytime.
Contact me at , should you have questions regarding the sails or the local area around Yellowknife.
I am now using Skype and if you can contact me through Skype, my name being cominco2.