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How to make a cock-pit tracing

There are some boats both new and old that we have yet to make a standard skirt for and with your asistance we can fabricate a skirt for you. Following are the directions you need to make us a cock-pit tracing.

#1 Obtain a piece of paper large enough to cover your cockpit opening even if it's newspaper. Make it large enough to be taped down, to ensure the paper will not move during tracing.

#2 Trace the entire inside lip and outside lip of the cockpit rim, make sure it is visible.

#3 Be sure you indicate the bow on the tracing.

#4 After tracing is complete remove your tracing paper and measure the distance between the back edge of the cockpit rim, forward to the back of the seat. Mark this on your tracing. This measurment allows us your spray skirt manufacturer to correctly place your tunnel on the deck of your skirt. If the seat back rises above the plane of the cockpit rim, please indicate that on your tracing. also mark your personal measuremnet taken around yourself at about navel height so they can make the tunnel. You will need to mark the location of your implosion bar if you are adding one as well. Please mark down if you want tunnel adjustment strap and it will be added, this strap is optional and there is no charge if you want it.

#5 Last but not least, please include on the tracing the name of your boat manufacturer, model and the type of hull material (glass or plastic).  

With the directions above you will easily be able to mail a cock pit tracing to Karen and Charles and they will be be pleased to produce your skirt.

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