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Kayaking in South Africa

Paddling adventures based in Cape Town, South Africa 

Summer season in Capetown is heating up now. Should you be looking for a great spot for some ocean paddling consider Capetown, South Africa.
I spent the past February paddling there with Trace and Arthur of Kaskazi and was spoiled, great company and very nice boats, I got hooked on their Greenlander kayak very sweet little ride.
Their location in Three Anchors bay is an excellent spot to put on the water and head out to enjoy some of the local marine life. Cape fur seals and dolphins are always around and the occassional whale, I saw two humpbacks one day.

I would like to take a moment to introduce my new paddling friends from Cape Town. Arthur and Trace owners of Coastal kayak and Kaskazi  kayaks. Arthur and Trace are located at 179 Beach Road, Three Anchor Bay and offer a varitiy of paddling services and equipment sales.
Should you be heading to Cape Town and I suggest you add it to your "Places to paddle" list, you will definitely want to hook up with Trace and Arthur. Their local knowledge and skills are making my life here much easier.
I am adding a link to their site and you can visit their page for yourself and check out what is happening.This should do the trick enjoy your visit and start planning your trip. Very nice folks and a pleasure to paddle with.

In time and once I am have returned home and downloaded my pictures, this page will grow. Arthur and I had a great paddle the other day in Hout Bay and had some fun paddling with the Cape fur seals. The next day I paddled with Trace and her group of regulars and saw dolphins and more fur seals. We paddled from Three Anchor bay northeast towards the industrial harbour enterance and had some fun swell surfing and paddling every which way. Ocean paddling is very nice.


 The latest Newsletter from Kaskazi Kayaks

Just when we thought Winter was almost over...

It feels like we are heading towards Winter this week and yet a few
weeks back Spring had sprung and summer was in the air. I can't help
but feel short changed of a true Cape Winter, where we have days and
days of rain and are forced to stay indoors and do absolutely
nothing. I enjoy the freedom from choice, since I find it extremely
difficult to stay inside if it is a beautiful day outside, and this
Winter everyday seemed too good to be indoors, so this cold spell is
to be expected after such a gentle Winter.

Arthur and factory team have been extremely busy bees, we had two
containers depart to UK and USA after a very long recession, so that
was a great! Arthur has made new moulds for the Skua AR and now the
Duo AR, so come and have a look next time you pass the shop. The Duo
AR back cockpit now has a very useful day hatch and the steering
pedals are on the side. The cockpit is larger so all in all alot more
spacious and a comfortable seat. Arthur is working on a sit on top
version of the Breeze kayak, which is fun for surfing and day trips,
so we will have a surf day at Muizenberg to test it out and you are
all invited.

We also sent our first kayak, a Dorado II to Japan, so Kaskazi is
going global. Wouldn't it be nice to have a kaskazi kayak in every
country so wherever you go on holiday, you can paddle and feel at
home in familiar kayak but new sorroundings... I think it is a great
idea, so let us know your favourite destination, and if we know of a
kaskazi owner, we could always try persuade the owner to have use of
your kayak in South Africa when they travel here? why not!

We had the great opportuntiy of paddling one of our very own 2 Piece
Duo's in Tanzania last month. Adventurer and now dear friend, Michel
Repas, was brave enough to air freight his Duo to Tanzania and paddle
along the Rafiji Delta all the way to an enchanted paradise called
Mafia Island, 150 km south of Zanzibar. After an epic adventure, he
sold the Duo to owner of wonderful Butiama Beach Lodge, and that is
where our adventure begins...

One Time Airlines flies directly from Johannesburg to Zanzibar Island
and has incredibly good rates all year round. We arrived within 4
hours to a very small airport, the size of our kayak shop. After a
short taxi drive to Stone Town we checked in to very neat Clove Hotel
and within minutes were on the beach and swimming in an ocean as warm
as a bath! Heavy looking rain clouds started to appear within moments
of our swim. This became our world for the next 10 days...warmth,
sunshine, rain storms and lots of snorkelling. It did not take long
to adjust to the laid back island fever and tropical topaz blue
waters. Zanzibar has become a retreat for the masses after a safari
on the mainland or summiting Kilamanjaro, so we were quite happy
after staying 3 nights in the Northern part of Zanzibar, to take an
hour flight over Dar es Salam to Mafia. Compared to Zanzibar, Mafia
is untouched with only 5 lodges and very little going on, this is
more what we were looking for.

Mafia Island is only 75 km long and roughly 5 km accross. So we had
high hopes of paddling all around the Island. Unfortunately due to
new moon / Spring tides we did not go all the way around, but we feel
we have to go back sooner rather than later before the masses find it.
From Butiama Lodge in Kilidoni to Chole Foxes we paddled approximately
30 km in a headwind of 16 knots. it took alot longer than we expected,
so we were very happy to find Chole island, just over a 1km away from

It was a long day, but so worth it once we found our accomodation at
Chole Foxes Lodge just after sundown. Tucked behind the mangrove and
amonst larger than life Baobab trees stadning tall and proud amongst
the Palm trees. The island consists of Muslim village where everyone
knows each other, such a simple and rustic lifestyle, we felt
immediately at home. Beautiful,honourable and such kind people was
heart warming, and all the children asked was to have there photo
taken, the joy on their faces when they saw a reflection of
themsleves will stay with me forever. It really is the simple things
in life that make us truly happy. We need very litle. While exploring
the bay at Chole, all we had was our mask and snorkel, and besides the
thousands of trpical fish we did not see another soul for hours.

We absolutely loved everything about Chole and Mafia Island. We were
so warmly received and well cared for, that we cannot wait to go
back. We are investigating sending some kayaks over and possibly help
the locals set up a kayak tripping business. We saw the most
unbelievable coral and fish, in water of between 1- 5 meters. We saw
a Humpback mother and calf in the centre of Chole bay and apparently
November is good month to see Whale Sharks. So if you like kayaking
and tropical waters, lets go back next year?!

We hope to see you all paddling again soon! Monday evening paddle
night to shake off any Monday blues, if weather is no good we roll
over to Tuesdays at 17:30 pm? Full moon is 10 November so hope to see
you all then.

11-13 Nov

Simonstown Dive, Camp & Kayak weekend

Alpha will be teaming up with Kaskazi Kayaks for this final weekend
away before the silly season hits us in full force, along with the
South Easter. Diving, camping and kayaking will be the order of the
day so there is something for everyone, whether you prefer being "in"
the water or "on" it or both. (Anyone in for kayak diving?)

The weekend is self-catering and will kick off with sundowners and
beach party right there at Millers. Enjoy an awesome cup of Alpha
coffee at sunrise and then hit the water for a dive in the morning
and a paddle after lunch. Bookings are essential and please reserve
your gear and kayak in advance.

Happy paddling

Trace & Art


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Kaskazi Picinic paddle
Should you be in Capetown and looking for an interesting paddle Contact Art and Trace at Kaskzai. On December 10th they will be hosting a paddle picinic, paddling to a island location for a great pininic, food included in the cost and then returning . I would be attending except I am in Yelllowknife. Sounds like a great day of ocean paddlingg and a good feed to boot. Cheers, Greg

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Message from Greg
Folks thanks for stopping and dropping your anchor for a while, always a pleasure to see you here. Enjoy your stay and drop back anytime.
Contact me at , should you have questions regarding the sails or the local area around Yellowknife.
I am now using Skype and if you can contact me through Skype, my name being cominco2.