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Tundrasails Kayak Sail Systems

Contact Us

Your thoughts about us matter, Please let us know what you think.

This is where we give our customers a chance to tell us what they think about our web site. Is there anything you would like to see us offer? Do you have any questions or comments? Our business depends on your satisfaction, so please let us know what you think.

Just click this address below to send us e-mail:

Please contact me for help or with your ideas to improve our site

Phone is now up and running fine so please give me a call, the numbers is (867) 444 -3007 and we would like to hear from you.  Skype users may contact me through my Skype name cominco2. Greg

Greg Loftus

Tundrasails Kayak Sail Systems

Box 2813, Yellowknife, NWT, X1A2R1

(867) 444-3007 / E-mail

Message from Greg
Folks thanks for stopping and dropping your anchor for a while, always a pleasure to see you here. Enjoy your stay and drop back anytime.
Contact me at , should you have questions regarding the sails or the local area around Yellowknife.
I am now using Skype and if you can contact me through Skype, my name being cominco2.