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Paddlers for Parts Association #1545

Welcome to the Paddlers for Parts Associations Home page

Welcome to the Paddlers for Parts Associations Home page
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Petition For An Organ and Tissue Donation Registry
The Paddlers have been circlating a petition on Facebook for the creation of an Organ and tissue Donation Bank for the NT. This is the best way atte moment off getting the largest amount of donors in one place. This system is in place in 95% of Canada. Earlier we had ha written petition which we turned over to the Government and between this and te facebook one we have over 650 sigatures. In the spring thhe Government agreed to rewrite the present laws and come up with a system promoting donation. The petition is aimed at showing them the way we would like to see it go. In the mean time the Paddlers are still passing out Donor cards to anyone that wants them, just contact us and we will see that you get them. Working on getting stickers fr your drivers lience as well.

Paddlers Bursary fund
This is the fund we established within the Kidney Foundation with the original funds raised by Paddlin for Parts in 2001. Our intentions had been to spend the funds on kids with Kidney problems and transplants. However we were told that kids were very well funded and perhaps we should try another idea. Instead we decided to fund mature students that were attending schools in an attempt to better their lives through Education. After 16 or 18 funding dries up for these folks in many cases and so we attempt to bridge this gap in our small way. This has turned out very well and we have helped quite a few folks along the way. We raise the funds and try and keep the fund full and the foundations Northern Alberta and Territories branch manages the funds. We would do this ourselves however they have better access to certain information that is needed to hand out the funds. Should you be 18 or over living in northern Alberta or the Territories attending a educational institution and be living with Kidney Disease pre or post transplant you are a possible bursary receipt. We will issue 500.00 busaries for up to two years if you live in Alberta and 1,000.00 dollars if you live in the Territories. The difference being that most of these are actually give to students south of sixty and in an attempt to balance things we offer more to students from the North. Donations have been slow the past year and so the fund is down , but we have some plans to beef her  up. The Foundation does nothing to add to this fund andit is financially supported entirely by the efforts of the Paddlers for Parts members.

I hand out the first Bursary from The Paddlers fun
at the Kingsway Legion in 2002

Paddlers Logo Pins
I have had the pins now for awhile and have been giving them out as I travel around. Unfortunately not many of the folks who get them actually wear them. we would prefer to give them to someone that will wear it as it is a nice design and helps promote us and our efforts. Our pin in your collection jar is a waste of a pin and the funds spend buying them.

The Paddlers Logo
The symbol below is our logo and is displayed on all of our banners etc; in some form. I designed the logo knowing that it should represent the Paddlers and their beliefs. I chose a green ribbon as this represents the Kidney foundation and our  connection with them. The green ribbon is also a river and is in the form of a kayak paddle which is our prefered method of fund raising for ourselves and the causes we decide to support. The double paddle blades represent a number of things The Paddlers and their supporters, the connection between Donor and Recipient and Balance and Flow of Life.
The Green Ribbon is the symbol of life as the the river and water also represent life .
You will find this symbol whereever we are and representing us in all that we attempt to do. When you think of this symbol you think of us and we appreciate the thoughts.

Our lapel logo pins look like this and are 1.25 X
.25 inches in size, complete with double pins.

The Paddlers  for Parts Association  Who, What, When, Where and Why

The Who

The Paddlers for Parts Association #1545 is a not for profit society based in Yellowknife, NT. We have been an Registered Society now since 2001.

The Society is made up of a small group of local paddlers that feel they can make a difference and do their best to see that this happens.

The What

The Paddlers mission is the promotion of Organ and Tissue donation and the aims of the Kidney Foundation of Canada. Our secondary purpose is the promotion of the paddling sports of kayaking and canoeing as a means of an active and healthy lifestyle.

We feel that the use of our favourite sports as a means of fund raising for the foundation allows us the freedom to accomplish our personal goals and provide the much needed assistance to The Kidney Foundation. We are a small voice, but growing everyday. We have all ready acomplished much and will continue our efforts for as long as possible. We would love to have your help, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

The When
The Paddlers for Parts Association is active every day all year long. Being based in Yellowknife this is where most of our activities take place. Summer is of course our busiest time for paddling related activities.
We reserve the winter for planning the summer but occassionaly will undertake a winter trip. We try and turn all of our activities into fund raising events for ourselves and the caused that we support.

The Why
The Padddlers for Parts Association is my small way of repaying those that made this possible.
In April 1997 I sufffered end case Renal Failure and received a pair of donated Kidney. I received two because they were very small and one was damaged, the Transplant surgeons felt that this was the only way that I may get good function. This was also a first attempt for this and it worked very well.
I have always been a supporter of Organ and tissue donation and that I actually needed a transplant I still find amazing. It never happens to you, right.
I spent a couple of years recovering and working myself back into shape and felt that I should do something to help.
The Paddlers started as a small private thing that actually snowballed due to great support from the folks in Yellowknife and has turned into a almost full time thing. There are alot of folks that have tossed there paddles into this canoe either manually, spiritually or finanically and with out them we of course would get no where.