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Paddler Andrew Denholm having some fun
somewhere on Vancouver Island

September 2011
The Paddlers will be hosting a small Sociable Affair to celebrate the 8th; annual World Rivers Day. Location Yellowknife River Bridge day use area everyone welcome. Fun,food, bonfire and paddling type stuff will be taking place. Planning to start around noon until when ever.

June 2011
A busy month for the Paddlers with a number of events up our sleeves. Each year we sponsor a free swim for water safety week and we hope to do a swim to survive program as well. June will require that we begin our yearly maintenace of both the Trans Canada Trail Pavilion and the Olde stope Hill / Pilots Monument.
The Paddlers have adopted these areas through the City adopt a street program and we keep them as litter free as possible and the grass and weeds trimmed.
Of couse there is alot of paddling to be done as well during the summer months and we are kepted hopping.

My home for the second night of last years
safari on the North Arm of Great Slave Lake

Greg making the donation of 30 PFDs to the local
cement pond to replace their aging stock

Naomi at the Reel Paddling Film Festival
manning the CERTNWT booth.

July 2011
The Paddlers are hosting a free swim at the Ruth Inch Memorial Pool. This swim takes place July 16th between 13:00 and 15:00 hours and is open to all. Children under 7 must be acompanied by an adult. This swim is in suoport of Drownding prevention week.
This is our favourite month as we are once again hosting the Paddlers annual "Sociable Affair." The Parks department has once again given us permission to camp at the yellowknife river and we are grateful for this. Being able to stay overnight and not having to portage the boats every day makes this event possible.
The Paddlers willl be giving away canoe and kayak rides from the morning of July 29th until the evening of 31st. we will provide tunes, grub and boats and the fun should follow.
This is an open event and everyone is welcome. Looking forward to giving you your first canoe or kayak ride. see you at the river.

Great Slave Lake North Arm Solo
Lunch break day 3

September 2011
Looking ahead towards the end of the season. I know considering we don't have open water yet but it is best to mention this stuff early. The Paddlers will again be hosting a small Sociable affair at the Yellowknife River bridge honouring World Rivers Day. This event was started by the folks at BCIT and is held every year on the last Sunday in September, this year that falls on the 25th.
It is a bit late in the year for yellowknife but that depends so much on the year. Last year the day was beautiful and much warmer than the year before. The Paddlers will be there with boats and hot food and drink and you are of course welcome to join us. Rain or shine the Paddlers will party.