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Our favourite page, I think as it lets us know that the folks we help appreciate our efforts. Being a transplant recipient myself I can understand very well the feelings of the folks below. The Paddlers consider it a pleasure to help in our small way. We also thank them very much for the kind words, makes the miles paddled, biked or hiked easier each time we get a letter. I'm probably the biggest fan, but that is allowed Greg

Chris Figliuzzi Paddler's Bursary Recipient / 2003
and his thoughts on the subject

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Dear Greg


Recently I was honoured to be a recipient of the paddlers for parts education bursary.   I submitted my application to Sandra Bell of the Kidney Foundation in Edmonton and was very happy when she advised me that I was successful.


I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all the work that you do to ensure that individuals such as myself have an opportunity to receive your bursary.   As a recent kidney recipient I have been unable to work during the summer and this bursary gave me an opportunity to at least contribute towards my education.  This was very important to me.


Thanks to your support I have enrolled in the Grant McEwan Education transfer program.   I am very excited about the prospects before me and want you to know that your hard-earned funds will be put to good use.  


I would also like to congratulate you and Vashti Thompson on the unique way you raised the funds.   Kayaking 1,000 miles of the Mackenzie River is not an easy feat and you should be proud of your accomplishments.


Again thank you very much for your selfless act, your ongoing support will ensure that individuals like myself continue to reap the benefits of your outstanding efforts.  Keep up the good work, your contributions have not gone unnoticed!


Yours truly,




Chris Figliuzzi  



Hi Greg,
Thank you for the letter you gave Jackie for me to read while in hospital.I ended back in hospital for a month.Was having some complications with my abdomen after they took my peritoneal catheter out.
I never got to thank you for the bursary you gave me.So thank you.I'm slowly trying to finish my correspondence.The college gave me an extension since I was very sick and couldn't make my deadline.I hope this time I can.
I have till August to finish and I'm not even half way through.I get very tired after hemodialysis that I have no energy to learn.I'm going to try to do the assignments when I don't have hemo but then even on those days I'm recuperating.
Anyways I let you know in a couple months how things go.
Thanks again for everything.
Stephanie Bicari

Sandra Bell Kidney Foundation Director of Programs
and very helpful , Many thanks Greg

Thanks very much to the crew of Paddlers for Parts; because of your efforts, Pat and I were able to come up to Yellowknife and promote organ and tissue donation and transplantation in April 2003. We're pleased that you invited us to the North as your partners in donation awareness. The hospitality was excellent! - Sandra, Director of Programs, Northern AB & the Territories, Kidney Foundation of Canada

Dear Greg


Thank you once again for providing me with the opportunity to apply for, and receive, the paddling for parts bursary.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all that you do to make this bursary available for people like myself.  


With school as expensive as it is, and the curriculum so intense, your support will allow me to work less during the winter months and concentrate more on my studies.  This way I will be more likely to be successful. I am entering my second semester at Grant McEwan Community College.  It is a great feeling working towards my future and I look forward to it. 


As I look at the paddling for parts website, it is clear that so many people have benefited from your extreme act of generosity.  It is great to see you, yourself as a kidney recipient going to such great lengths to help others.  I applaud your efforts and encourage you to keep going as I can tell you that your work certainly helps those effected by kidney disease/failure, people like you are invaluable.


I would also like to say thank you on behalf of my parents who also are very grateful for what you have done and the contribution that you are making to my education.   In respect for what you do I promise that I will work hard and put your funds to good use.


Your efforts and those around you are not going unnoticed.  Give yourself a pat on the back and feel proud


Yours truly,




Chris Figliuzzi






We must admit we like to hear from those we help, so please don't be shy send us a line. You found us once and we haven't moved. Let us know how your studies have gone as we like to see things working out for everyone.