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Paddlers for Parts Association #1545

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Greg and his charming assistant award door
prizes during intermission of WW4 April 8th

Winter weary Paddlers eyeing up the new toys that
Overlander Sports had set up during intermission

Here are a few shots from the Water walker film festival held in Yellowknife of the evening of April 8th/06. Sixty folks attended the viewing which we felt was well received. Thanks from the Paddlers for showing your support. Special thanks to Ian Johnston, Bob Ellison, Naomi Crawford,Greg Loftus and the charming lady (mystery woman) that helped draw the door prizes . We would also like to thank the sponsors that donated door prizes and refreshments. Thanks to Yellowknife Direct Charge Co-op, Overlander Sports, Tundrasails, WAMP and the Northern United Chruch. Thanks one and all for making the event possible and we look forward to doing it again next year.

CERT team member Naomi, mans the info booth
at the Waterwalker film festival, good job Naomi

Paddling fans from Yellowknife enjoying the films
lots of new faces this year and all smiles (good sign)

Crowd smoozing at the WW4 intermission
things seem to be going well and finished that way

We are hoping to fill this page with Action photos of the Paddlers and their friends hard at work and play.

Day 7"PFP2001" Ft. Simpson, NWT bound for Wrigley
Junction of Liard and Mackenzie Rivers

Cheerio from our Irish Paddler Stuart and his date
Stuart is a canoe (Canadian style) paddler from Belfast

Paddlers keeping an eye on the kids
Just a few extra folks hanging at the paddle session

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Vashti test runs "Slip" before the Mackenzie R.
Balancing the load is an important step in kayaks

Greg and vashti head north from Ft.Good Hope
next stop Arctic Red River , 210 miles in 5 days

Our arrivial after 1600 kilometres of pedaling
Pedal for Parts 2001, Corey thanks for the company

DR. Gary Todd, Greg's transplant Surgeon shares a
moment with Greg and Corey.Thanks DR. Todd

This is one of giant Mines old headframes, photo
compliments of Patrick Gauthier, CERT NWT

Lunch break,hiding from the wind on the Mackenzie
Island is about 20 miles upstream of "Little Chicago"

Ft. Providence,NT 1000 miles to go PFP 2001
About ten hours later and 50 miles into it we camped

Salt River great spot for lunch on the Mackenzie
Clear water and three moose we found here

This is a mixture of things and folks that we are involved with in our efforts to aid the Kidney Foundation and folks with Renal problems. I will add to and change these often so keep coming back and stay in touch. The Paddlers appreciate the fact that you took the time to stop. We wish you well in all your endeavours and please feel free to drop by anytime, we are always open you know. Greg

Surrounded by Transplant supporters and recipients
Greg and Corey at the U of A Hospital, Edmonton


Greg smooges with supporters in Edmonton
Greg received the Branch President's award here

Big John and the Cowgirl Moe provided shelter from
storm at Norman wells PFP 2001, many thanks

Consider Organ / Tissue Donation and "Recycle Yourself"

Meet Stephenie a Paddler's Bursary recipient, who
is studying Wholelistic Medience and doing well.

I have a few more pictures that will be coming your way shortly and hope that you continue to stop by and look.

Dave's Tundrasail in Action, Prosperous Lake, NWT
Dave and Sheila volunteered to clean the Old Stope Hill

Pool session about to begin,boats have been thawed
out and await the paddler's butts

Interested in making your own Videos and film in general. Contact WAMP the Western Arctic Movie Producers and join today. A great chance to learn  and a huge amount of equipment with which to learn on. Please use the link on the Friends and supporters  page to contact WAMP they would love to hear from you. DVD, 8mm and 16 MM WAMP has it all.