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I have  added this page because we are thankful to those that chose to support the Paddlers. Donations and sponsorship is an on going battle and we appreicate each and every one.

The other day I received an early morning phone call and the follwing is a result of this conversation. What follows I received in the mail this morning from Mr. Garth L Wallbridge
Attention: Greg Loftus
Dear Sir:
Re: Donation in memory of a Paddler.
My Friend, Kenneth V. Fisher:Jr: Attorney, of Brattleboro, Vermont was a paddler. He passed on from a heart attack two years ago.
Many years ago I met Ken at a canoeing symposium in Toronto oganized by one of Canadas greatest promoters of paddling, George Luste. Regrettably Ken and I never got to paddle together but we became friends and our families visited both here and in Vermont.
Ken had paddled many rivers in the NWT. He owned over a dozen canoes. He eventually stored two canoes with me in Yellowknife to allow him to fly here, rather than drive, to go on trips.Those canoes are still with me.
In honour of Kens  passing and to "pay it forward" for the canoes that his wife of many years Virignia, has gifted to me please find enclosed a cheque in the amount of 500.00 dollars  to assit in your organizations work.
Sincerely, Garth L Wallbridge.
I have never met the Virginia Fisher and I am sory for her loss. Virginias generosity through Mr. G L Wallbridge is greatly appreciated. The world of canoeing has suffered some big hits lately losing the likes of Verlin Kruger and other famous, long distance paddlers, the list is unfortunately longer than I like to think about.
Instead I chose to see it in this light. Kenneth Fisher crossed Le Grand Portage two years ago and on the other side all the others were waiting for him. I am sure that they have build a canoe that has no and knows no bounds and there is always room in this canoe for a paddler coming off the portage. They paddle now on endless clear skies and clean waterways with perfect weather and have all that they loved about paddling. When you cross this portage and you will, they will be waiting and there is room for one more. The stories you will here and tell here will amaze even yourself. Sincerely, Greg Loftus

The Paddllers for Parts Association is a small but determined band of we hope paddlers and we appreciate all the help we can get. When we first started I was surprized at the flood of donations  that came our way for both Pedaling for Parts our bike ride to Edmonton and our second crack at it Paddling for Parts our Mackenzie river paddle.
Northerns for the most part are a generous lot and they get behind you when they get behind you. Without their  support we would have sank years ago . Thank-you