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Paddlers for Parts Association #1545

Canadian Paddlers / International Supporters

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Canadian Paddlers / International Supporters
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This is a list of our friends and supporters as well.It includes a few folks and there are more. I was surprised at the support we got and at times continue to get. This is great, Organ and Tissue donation is a area that few folks like to talk about but that really needs to be addressed.

Members Roll and Honorary Paddlers
Active Paddlers
 Gary Loftus                           Toronto
 Kathyrn Loftus                      Thunderbay (Now kayakless in preference of horses, to each their own.)
Joanne Mabee                       Totttenham,ON
Annemieke Mulders               Yellowknife, NT
Margaret  Woodley                Yellowknife, NT
Patricia Cassidy
Craig-O Thomas
Willem Thomas                     Yellowknife, NT
Lori Hess                                Yellowknife, NT
Andrew Denholm                   Rycroft , AB
Paddlers in Spirit, Ontario
 Micheal and Linda
 Loftus                                 Leamington  
 Louise Byron                       Leamington
 Caitlyn Baldwin                    Leamington
 Henry Homenuck                 Ridgeville  94 years, Rest in Peace, old friend, 2005
 Toni Nicholson                     Toronto    95 years,  I'll miss you Aunt Toni, 2006
 Ronnie Nicholson                 Toronto
 Hodowansky Families          Toronto   big crew here and we like it
 Connie Tirone                      Ridgeville
 John Tirone                         Ridgeville
 Brenda Saunders                 Barrie
Jennifer Sturgeon                  Bloomfield
British Colunbia Paddlers in Spirit
Vickie  Myles                     Surrey
Valerie Myles                     Surrey
Jack and Lori Monk            Surrey
Bob and Michelle Fair         Surrey
Doug amd Jean Brooks       North Vancouver
Steven Liscombe                Abbottsford
Dan Irvine                           Vernon
Scott Irvine                         Vernon
Steve Monk                        108 Mile House
Patricia Spencer                 108 Mile House 
Kevin Chaisson                   Vancouver
Andrew Denholt                   Vancouver Island (updated to active paddler)
Alberta Paddlers in Spirit    
Kidney Foundation of
Northern Alberta /Territories  Edmonton
Karen-Maria Tratt                Calgary
Sheila Tratt                         Calgary
Mike Filby                          Calgary
Robert Sheppard                 Calgary
David McGinn                     Edmonton
Katie Du St. Jean                Edmonton
Sandra Bell                         Edmonton
Jackie Foord                       Edmonton
Heather Thompson              Valleyview   Paddler in Spirit Award recipient 2001
Vashti & Jefff Dunham         Bezanson
Corey Elliott                       Edmonton
Tom Ellilot                         Edmonton
Ed Shuster                        Edmonton
International Paddlers in Spirit
Antoinette Devries                Bergen, Netherlands
Arnoud Devries                    Bergen,  Netherlands
Rina Bakker                        Rijswijk, Netherlands
Reinhard Schmid  Family     Halle,     Germany
Stuart Loftus
and family                           Belfast,  N.Ireland
Henriette Skourup               Denmark
Yellowknife Supporters
The local suppot that we receive through donations for each journey and the coin boxes is great.  The support of the patrons of Harleys Hard Rock Saloon is never ending and we are very grateful for all that they send our way. Everyone in Yellowknife has been every generous in their suppport and we thank them all they are however to many to list them all. Thanks Greg

Newfoundland Supporters
Debbie Myers   Torbay
Ashley Myers   Torbay
Priscilla Myers  Torbay
Squires Family St.Johns
(hope the new home treats you well)

Thousand Mile Members
This is the place where we mention those that have gone the distance and completed a one thousand mile journey on behalf of the Paddlers. Their efforts were and are greatly appreciated and we won't be forgetting these folks.
Greg Loftus                          Pedal for Parts 2000, Paddle for Parts 2001
Corey Elliott                         Pedal for Parts 2000
Vashti Dunham                    Paddle for Parts 2001
We have a couple of thousand mile journeys in the works and if you would like to have your name listed here you should contact me for the details. The thousand mile trips are for Members only and membership is very easy to come by.

The Paddlers are interested in promoting their aims on a national basis and are always seeking like minded folks that would like to help. Please consider starting a local chapter and supporting the Kidney Foundation of your province. Please contact me about details of affiliation and all the small details that we will handle for you or with you as you prefer. Greg