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Paddlers for Parts Association #1545

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Salt River PFP2001
great spot for lunch and a cooling dip


We hope to use this page to keep members updated on each other and on the latest happenings within the organization. Please leave us a message on the Board below. Nice way to stay in touch with those long lost Paddlers.

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Your Board of Directors for this year

President / Treasurer       

Greg Loftus / Active Paddler

Vice President                

 Chris Flannagan

Public Relations              

Stephen Gwilliam


 Tess Flannagan

Secretary                       Appointed as needed

Gary Loftus                    Ontario Represenative / Active Paddler

Honourary Members These are members that have either completed a thousand mile journey with us or have freely given of their time in order to assist us .

  • Corey Elliot              Pedal for Parts 2000
  • Vashti Dunbar        Paddle for Parts 2001
  • Heather Thompson   Fund raising efforts Paddle for Parts 2001
  • Ian Johnston            Waterwalker Volunteer Three years in a row

Board positions are yearly and new members will be added as needed, but you can always join and volunteer.

Vashti participant in Paddle for Parts 200l is now
an Honouray Paddler for Life and always welcome

Pictured at right is our Paddler Patti, the driving force behind the Donor Card Program in Yellowknife. Patti was a founding Member of Paddler's for Parts and great fun at all the events that she either planned or helped at. Our loss is Manitoba's gain and we hope to see a "Paddler's" branch there yet!
The Paddler's wish Patti and Al and the kids well in all their future endeavours. You can always come and visit but we will be paddling your way shortly.

Lenka adeserving Paddler's Bursary recipient
and her charming companion / Lic. Practical Nurse

The Paddler's were pleased to be able to help Lenka reach for her goal. Seeing these folks get where they're going is one of the Paddler's goals. Promotion of Organ and Tissue donation being our main goal, becomes much easier when folks see where their hard earned donations go. Lenkas success will make our task easier and so we support each other proving that many paddles make light work. Greg

Coming Up
February 23rd: Free Swim at the Ruth Inch Pool swims starts at 6:30 PM and runs Till 8:00PM.The swim is open to any and all that wish to attend and get wet. Kids 7 and under require adult supervision, local rules of our cement pond.

The concept behind this group was thought of by Greg Loftus and originally was to include 3 events over a three year period. Little did we realize the support that Yellowknifer's and others would throw behind us and now our first plan has been updated and revised (and how).

Honourary Paddler for Life Patti Woods
Patti has moved and we miss her at functions

Honourary Paddler's for Life
This is we hope an honour that folks will appreciate and we are pleased to offer them. Becoming and Honourary Paddler for Life involves just one minor detail, completion of a one thousand mile journey as a fund raiser on our and the Kidney Foundations behalf.
Corey Elliot was the first to receive this honour and probably dosen't even know it for his completion of Pedal for Parts 2000 our Yellowknife to Edmonton bicycle ride. The pleasure of Correy's company made the miles easier even if I spent most of my time trying to catch him.
Vashti Dunham of Bezanson, AB. was our second to receive the title for her completion of Paddle for Parts 2001 one thousand miles of the Mackenzie River Ft. Providence to Inuvik NWT. Heather Thompson was a great help in the fund raising department and did much to boost the donation we were able to present the Kidney Foundation with.Heather was named a "Paddler in Spirit" and send a certificate for her efforts on our behalf. Vashti is now a married lady living her dream with her husband and their farm, we wish them well and who knows, may paddle together again some day.

We hope to be hosting your Paddler's chapters events here as well as our own.